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Different Ways that Companies are Using Mobile Marketing

Different industries will use mobile marketing in different ways. This article will explain some of the ways other industries are using this new tool. These ideas could be ones that you adopt for your particular business.

One way in which you could use mobile marketing is to have people text to a particular short code that you have registered. You could display this short code during a television ad or on a prerecorded message to prospects. People could text if they want more information. This can be an easy way to have warm leads to call on.

With these particular situations, you can also build your database in a very sensible manner. You could have different short codes for different marketing techniques so that you can tell who responds to what types of advertising. This can allow you to make much more enlightened marketing decisions based upon knowing how particular segments of your audience respond to particular mediums of communication.

If you are a retail store, you can potentially hold in-store sales. With these sales, there often are different products that are for sale. Instead of providing all the information right on the display, a short code could be provided that people text a particular number to so that they can get more information. This can allow you to entice customers to become active in the process of buying. You can make this text information be interactive so that customers become more engaged. This can increase the probability that a sale will be made because a customer who becomes engaged in a product is much more likely to buy.

If you are a retailer, you may have a program set up for particular products. A good example may be cars. If you have a program set up such as reminding people that their car is due for service, you could use mobile marketing. Some people will respond to this type of marketing who will not respond to other marketing attempts such as direct mail. This could be a regular activity such as when a customer is due for an oil change.

Think about car auctions. You could put up a short code on television ads for particular cars to text a certain number if you are interested in the car and an employee of the company could call you back. That is an instant warm lead that you may not have otherwise and someone who you know is definitely in the market for a car. You are providing value because the customers are being called on their time and when they are ready to do business. Mobile marketing makes great sense.

Put a short code on your mailing pieces so that customers can text in if they only want to receive text messages about promotions. People are letting you know how they want to be communicated to. This can allow you to reach your audience with their preferred method of communication and limit the cost of a mailing that would not have been acted on as well. This allows you to efficiently lower your marketing costs.

Take these ideas and think creatively how they could be applied to your particular field. This is meant to be an exercise to build your repertoire of marketable ideas. Mobile marketing provides a bevy of possibilities.

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